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Why you should avoid Trans Fat in your food?

Trans Fat is a type of unsaturated which is used for baking and frying. They are mostly known as bad fat, and it is not recommended for anyone who is trying to undergo weight-loss or following a healthy diet.

Trans-fat makes food taste so good and crisp and is the reason some fried foods is almost addicting. Most trans-fat is made through a process known as hydrogenation. In this process, the vegetable oil becomes solid. If this reminds you of margarine, it is no coincidence. The older margarine used to come packed with trans fats. However, the negative press on trans fat has caused some margarine producers to come up with new recipes.


Excessive intake of trans fat affects your heart and causes major dysfunction to your overall body metabolism. The more junk food you consume; the more trans-fat you might consume. The more deep-fried food you consume; the more trans-fat you consume. Trans fat are saturated fats, and therefore they are prone to deposit high amounts of cholesterol in the body. 

Trans-Fat is an enemy to weight loss. They raise your cholesterol levels. Excessive intake of Trans fat increases your chances of having heart disease and diabetes.

Most companies use more trans-fat in their products because they are inexpensive and have a long shelf life. Trans Fat can also be re-used many times, more so than other fats that break down quite easily.

Why then is it in our foods?

Like most unhealthy ingredients, trans fat is in our foods because of the positive benefits for manufacturers. Trans fats are good for the taste buds, even while it is bad for our arteries. Trans fats are cheap and last longer due to the reusability of it. Along with other unstated benefits, this all amounts to more profits.

Do yourself and your family a favor and stay away from trans fats.


Trans Fat is mostly found in deep-fried foods and baked foods. Trans Fat can occur naturally or industrially. The Natural trans-fat comes from the products of cows and other ruminant animals. However industrial trans-fat is manufactured by transforming vegetable oils into a solid.

Trans-fat is mostly found in foods such as cakes, pies biscuits, pizza, cookies, margarine, etc. This is not to say all of these products contain trans-fat. be sure to get your food from a place that do not use trans-fat as an ingredient.


Most food products and packages always come with a section labeled NUTRITIONAL FACTS. In this section, you are likely to see the name Trans Fat there. The section also shows you the amount of trans fat used. 

However, if a serving has less than 0.5g of trans fat, it can be legally labeled as zero trans fat. An indicator that a product contains trans fat would be if it lists partially hydrogenated oil as an ingredient.


Trans fat is just one of those fats that are so widely proven as being bad for you that it is hardly even controversial. Do yourself and your family a favor and stay away from it. If you buy fried foods from places that do not post the ingredients, do not be afraid to ask questions or avoid it altogether.

Coconut oil is a good option for cooking at home. If the flavor is too strong for you, a milder option is filtered coconut oil.

Why trans fat is bad for you