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Why is Aluminum bad for you?

Aluminum is the most abundant element on the earth’s crust and found only in a combination. It occurs naturally in very low concentration in many foods and is also present in drinking waters. When we talk about aluminum and deodorants, aluminum also refers to antiperspirants; these antiperspirants contain the aluminum salt that can help to plug the pores in your body to avoid heavy sweating. 

 Aluminum compounds found in these antiperspirants do not only reduce sweat by blocking your sweat ducts, but they also reduce body odor by hindering the bacterias that feed on your sweat. 


While the use of aluminum in deodorants is generally accepted and welcomed by many,  there are also areas where they are of a negative effect on users. 

  • Health issues,  the reason for the presence of aluminum in deodorants by many companies are obviously not healthy for individuals who use them. Since the aluminum blocks, the sweat glands from releasing excess sweat, whereby sweating is a completely natural process for humans in which the body uses to excrete toxin and also regulate body temperature. It is preferable to use deodorants free from aluminum which enables you to sweat normally and also reduce bad odor. 
  • Artificial color change, some synthetic colors have been approved by the NDA for drugs, foods and some other cosmetics, but this doesn’t explain that they are best for deodorants,  this is because the manufacturing process of some deodorants uses artificial colors and bleach. Of which, very many of these colors are being made from coal tar which may give rise to serious skin reactions. 
  • Some other effects of deodorants made of aluminum may include some scary illness attached to it which may include; Breast cancer, bone problems, kidney problems, and Alzheimer’s.

Outside of deodorants, the most common contact with aluminum is through our cooking methods. Many pots, pans, and foil are made with aluminum. The worst part about pots and pans is that you almost always use them with high heat, which will do more to activate it.


The production of aluminum is time-consuming and also an energy-intensive process, thereafter this aluminum is made, it can be recycled over as many times as possible without losing its unique qualities. 

It moves from primary aluminum production into semi-products,  and thereafter it moves into different facets of production in which deodorants are inclusive and then to used phase, and finally, they are recycled back to semi-products. 


Aluminum has been viewed as the most abundant element on the earth’s crust, but the scary truth is this, aluminum is found present in so many products. It has Prevailed in so many of our household products we don’t even bat an eye when we see it. 

Some of the products included:

  • Deodorants
  • Dye
  • Foil,  baking soda/Powder
  • Processed chess and cake mix
  • Shampoo, cosmetics, and lotions 
  • Soda cans and antacids 
  • Pots and pans


Aluminum, which is a very popular element has its chemicals symbol as (Al), it’s chemicals symbol are usually present in sachets and containers of products which it is contained in, it is also identified by its nature in a metallic substance. 

Alternatives to Aluminum

Aluminum cookware is extremely common. You have to try to avoid it because it is everywhere. In some situations, it might not be possible, but the reduction of use is the goal when elimination isn’t possible. I personally vouch for the brand of deodorant called Underarmed. It doesn’t prevent the sweat, but it prevents the stink when used right after a shower.

Is it safe to cook on aluminum