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Why are antibiotics in my food?

Antibiotics are types of substances which help to fight against bacterial infections. They are very powerful and very potent substances used in destroy bacteria whenever the immune systems find it difficult to fight them all. Most times, antibiotics are given to animals to treat them and make sure they are free from infections.

The use of antibiotics is because very popular they added to animal feed to enhance growth and to prevent diseases from spreading. 

Generally, most farmers and agriculturalists do not use antibiotics in their products making the animals be extremely full of bacteria causing health problems to the animals. But, the excessive use of antibiotics in animals sometimes poses a threat to the lives of those animals and to the health of the consumers of that product.


So far, the use of antibiotics in cows and poultry for food production is a totally fine process, but excessive Antibiotics in our foods can sometimes be harmful for individual consumption because the excessive use of antibiotics in our farm produce leads to the development of stubborn and antibiotic-resistant bacterial substances within the product.

As a result of this, the antibiotics will no longer be able to kill harmful bacteria leading to bacterial outbursts in that particular food. These bacteria will now be further passed to humans through foods especially those foods that are not cooked properly.

Once the bacteria are spread to humans, they can lead to various illnesses which include vomiting and diarrhea, and it will further lead to failure in treating these infections. Most of these foods containing bacteria will be further excreted into animal residue which will be used as manure damaging the lives of other food products. 


Antibiotics are generally given to crops and animals by farmers and manufacturers for the purpose of eliminating bacteria from crops and animals for food production. They are substances that are given to the animals in their feed to destroy all the bacterial content in their bodies.


Antibiotics are made up of penicillin which are the core ingredients for the production of antibiotics. Antibiotics are found in most types of penicillin such as Amoxycillin, Ampicillin, etc. Antibiotics are very useful in humans to cure bacterial illnesses, but it ends up in our food when livestock is treated with them.


Most antibiotics in food labels are solely written by the name ANTIBIOTIC CONTENT. This occurs most times when the farmer or manufacturer infuses the animals in that food with a proper amount of antibiotics fit for human consumption.


The use of antibiotics in crop and animal production is so far, a good and healthy practice for every farmer or manufacturer. However, the excessive use of these antibiotics to fight bacteria can be very dangerous in the lives of these products. It is very highly recommended by health organizations to moderate the intake of antibiotics by these crops and animals produce in order to allow the antibiotics to work effectively in eliminating bacteria.

Are there antibiotics in your meat?