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Humidifers – do they help with dry skin?

Humidifiers get a lot of attention during the winter months when the air is dry, your skin is dry and respiratory illnesses are rampant. Cold weather in itself is naturally drier than warmer weather. The heating elements in homes cause even more dryness. When the air around you is too dry, your entire body suffers. Your skin is dry, your lips get chapped and your sinuses get irritated. Humidifiers are meant to replace lost moisture in the air.

For years I was iffy about them regardless of the stated benefits. The chronic dry skin I have when I am not using one is still there after using one. I used one anyway because that’s what we need to do right? Well, yes, but only if done correctly.

The useless humidifier

After struggling with what seemed like useless humidifiers I decided to get scientific. I picked up a humidity monitor for cheap and that revealed something very interesting. The humidity of the room barely increased after having a humidifier. The device was visibly letting out a mist so what was happening? My room as it turns out was way too big for the humidifier that I bought. The mist was coming out, but there was far drier air in the space than it could handle so it wasn’t able to humidify the space.

My advice is to never buy a humidifier without having a humidity monitor. You will want to make sure the humidity in your area is between 40 and 50 percent. Dry air can be bothersome, but air that is too moist can cause other problems such as creating a nice breeding ground for mold.

It pays to be detailed

My problems with dryness became a lot less when I purchased a humidifier that is made for the size room you need to humidify. Make sure you get one with a fan to help disperse the moisture. Before you make your purchase please measure your room using a tape measure and document the square footage. Next, read the box in the store to ensure the size is appropriate.

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Does your humidifier work for dry skin?