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Why you don’t want your bread to have Potassium Bromate?

Potassium bromate is used to strengthen dough for certain baked goods. A stronger dough makes for a better rise and holds together well. It can also increase the shelf-life of bread. Potassium bromate is also used to make the baked product appear very white and hides natural blemishes. This contributes to a more positive impression of the food.

Despite all the seemingly positive things about potassium bromate, it isn’t healthy for human consumption.

Why is Potassium Bromate Bad?

It says a lot when several countries have banned potassium bromate. Yes, you read that right. Countries that recognize the toxicity of potassium bromate have implemented legislation banning its use. Canada, South Korea, the European Union, Nigeria, Peru, Brazil are among the countries prohibiting its commercial use. For the countries such as the United States where it is not banned, the following health risk remains as a result of its use.


Studies have shown that when lab animals were exposed to potassium bromate they grew tumors that were both benign as well as cancerous. The tumors attacked key organs like the kidney and thyroid.

Alters our genetic material

Potassium bromate can also alter our cell’s genetic material. Damaging our DNA can cause a whole wealth of side effects and further cause cancer. Our DNA is how we were defined at birth. Chemicals should not be ingested that will change that very critical part of who we are.


The food industry has stated that potassium bromate is not harmful despite the studies showing otherwise, and the international interest in banning this additive. This can only be assumed to indicate one thing – there are profits to be made from using this ‘magic ingredient’.

One of the recurring themes with suspicious additives in products usually comes back to more of the same -the ingredient enhances profits even when it adds nothing positive to our bodies.

Which foods are Potassium Bromate usually found in?

The potassium bromate is usually added to the flour before the dough is made. This would mean that virtually any baked product can have it. The good news is that many manufacturers will likely avoid it since members of the public are already weary of it.

How do you recognize Potassium Bromate on a label?

Fortunately, this ingredient is usually obviously stated in the ingredient list as potassium bromate. Bromated flour usually contains potassium bromate as well, so this is something else to look out for.

If you live in the state of California, products that include this ingredient must bear a warning on the label.

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