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Is Aspartame bad for you?

Aspartame can be referred to as a sweetener. In our world today, there are not many more popular sweeteners than aspartame. This substance or sweetener is often made through the process of mixing amino acids, phenylalanine with the aspartic acid. 

Aspartame can be found anywhere around the world. It has been used by so many beverage companies and added to many meals that we eat. However, aspartame is said to be responsible for many health complications in humans. 

Why is Aspartame Bad?

While the use of aspartame has been embraced by most people in the manufacturing world, there are a lot of reasons why the sweetener is bad for us. Here are some of them;

Can Aspartame Cause Obesity?

While many people would feel that aspartame should help with weight loss since most times, the products which it is added to is free from sugar; this is not the case. This is because the use of aspartame can confuse your body. For example, taking something sweet would naturally lead your body to believe that you are consuming something with a lot of calories. When your body fails to get the calories that they are expecting, it can cause distortion with the way your body handles the real sugar when it comes. The sweetener is also said to have the ability to change the flora composition of your body. This act could also lead to a significant gain in weight. 

Can Aspartame Cause Kidney Issues

The use of aspartame and other sweeteners, in general, would also lead to a reduction in the performance of your kidneys. This is because the use of aspartame would normally cause the kidney operations to start declining even faster than when your kidney is being regulated by real sugar. 

Other issues which it can attract include;

  • Memory loss
  • Distorted brain function
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer and so much more

How does Aspartame end up in your food?

It is important to know that aspartame does not get into any product whatsoever through natural means. Aspartame is artificial in nature. This means that it was created by man. Thus, aspartame makes its way into products when it is added by the manufacturer. Thus, it can easily be noticed on the labels of many products where it is contained.

Where is Aspartame found?

The use of aspartame has become very much widespread over the years. Thus, you can expect to find aspartame in many products. It is estimated that it is currently in more than 5000 products. These products would include chewing gums, soft drinks, beverages, puddings, yogurt and so much more. Thus, the risk of taking it mistakenly is increased ten-fold.

How Can you Identify Aspartame in Ingredients?

Most times, aspartame is usually referred to as NutraSweet in the list of ingredients. It is also known as Equal. Thus, when you are getting any products, it is best you look out for these two brands.

It is thus clear that aspartame is one substance we should stay away from. 

Natural Sweeteners

There are alternatives to sugar that doesn’t include aspartame. Alternatives such as sugar alcohols don’t raise the blood sugar levels the way sugar-based products do. However, if you eat high amounts it can cause digestive problems.

My recommendation would be to use a little as a sweetener but focus more on training your taste buds to enjoy foods and drinks with less sugar.

Why aspartame is not good for me