Tips to stay sane during the COVID-19 pandemic


Tips to stay sane during the covid-19 pandemic. Stay in control of your life and mental health #covid19 #coronavirus

Parental Anxiety When You Have Picky Kids

Person panicking

I am not a doctor, but I read a lot regarding kids’ issues, and I use my intuition to come to a conclusion. I can guarantee that in many cases, the anxiety we have regarding what our children eat contributes to the problem. Hold up for a second; this is not meant to be a […]

10 strategies for feeding picky kids healthy foods

Kid not wanting to eat vegetables

As parents, we want the best for our children, which includes feeding them food with all the colors of the rainbow. It doesn’t help when the pediatrician sends you home with brochures requiring your kids to eat one and a half cup of veggies per day. You’ll be lucky if she eats that for the […]

How a $10 chicken made 4 meals

Grilled bbq spicy chicken legs on a metallic background

Before I explain the technique, let me first hope that you find a good source for chicken. You want to avoid chickens that are raised without antibiotics and if possible you should buy organic. I have run into organic chickens at very affordable prices. I avoid buying meat at retailers known for being cheap unless […]

15 Habits To Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget

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The good news is, more and more restaurants, supermarkets and food suppliers have responded to the eating healthier trends. Eating healthy is not only for hippies. It is not just a ‘thing’; it is how everyone should eat. Eating healthier contributes to a longer and better quality of life. I am a little frugal so […]

10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Healthy snacks. Fresh vegetables with sauces and hummus

Tired of dieting without results? Try these 10 ways you can lose weight without dieting. You will sustain your results and improve your health naturally.


12 health benefits of avocados. Some are surprising. Check it out now #avocado #eathealthy #loseweight

Lead Poisoning – Do you know how to protect your kids?

What is Lead? Lead is a dense, heavy metal and very toxic. Lead poisoning poses a severe health threat to young children under the age of 6. Our bodies confuse calcium and lead and will store it in your bones permanently. High exposure can even lead to death. Lower levels of exposure will cause symptoms […]

What are the benefits of Culturelle? My honest experience.

My honest review of culturelle, a probiotic you can give to children.

My son is 4 years old and I wish I could count the number of colds and infections he brought home from daycare/preschool. I lost count after a few dozen colds. I work in an office with other parents so I know I am not alone. My son didn’t start daycare until he was nearly […]

Do you know how many minerals your body needs daily?

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A handy reference for all minerals our body needs #eathealthy #healthy.