How a $10 chicken made 4 meals

Grilled bbq spicy chicken legs on a metallic background

Before I explain the technique, let me first hope that you find a good source for chicken. You want to avoid chickens that are raised without antibiotics and if possible you should buy organic. I have run into organic chickens at very affordable prices. I avoid buying meat at retailers known for being cheap unless […]

15 Habits To Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget

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The good news is, more and more restaurants, supermarkets and food suppliers have responded to the eating healthier trends. Eating healthy is not only for hippies. It is not just a ‘thing’; it is how everyone should eat. Eating healthier contributes to a longer and better quality of life. I am a little frugal so […]

10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Healthy snacks. Fresh vegetables with sauces and hummus

Tired of dieting without results? Try these 10 ways you can lose weight without dieting. You will sustain your results and improve your health naturally.


12 health benefits of avocados. Some are surprising. Check it out now #avocado #eathealthy #loseweight

Do you know how many minerals your body needs daily?

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A handy reference for all minerals our body needs #eathealthy #healthy.

How much of each vitamin​ does your body need daily?


A handy reference for all vitamins our body needs #eathealthy #healthy.

How much​ of each macronutrient do you need daily?

Eliminating carbohydrates is a goal of many. It is certainly true that excess carbohydrates do contribute to long term problems such as obesity and diabetes as carbohydrates are converted to sugar in your body. However, your body does need carbohydrates. I have a coworker who is consistently dieting. One morning I brought in a home-made […]

Why you should be concerned about diacetyl in your popcorn?

The chemical, Diacetyl, is a yellow liquid with an intense buttery flavor. It can be a by-product of fermentation and can be seen in some alcoholic beverages. In other cases, it is placed in some delicacies in a bid to improve the food’s flavor. How is diacetyl bad? Diacetyl may have a tasty buttery flavor […]

Why you should avoid Trans Fat in your food?

Trans Fat is a type of unsaturated which is used for baking and frying. They are mostly known as bad fat, and it is not recommended for anyone who is trying to undergo weight-loss or following a healthy diet. Trans-fat makes food taste so good and crisp and is the reason some fried foods is […]

Why you should check your labels for saccharin before you buy?

Discovered in 1879 by a John Hopkins University scientist, Saccharine is an artificial sweetener with no nutritional value whatsoever. Made in the laboratory in the form of crystalline, white powder, this substance is commonly used as a substitute for sugar as it doesn’t contain carbs or calories. It is around 200-700 times sweeter than the […]