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Benefits of Folate

Folate is a member of the B vitamins and is also used synonymously with folic acid. Folate is needed to make genetic material such as DNA, and which is why it’s a very important nutrient to take priority as well as during pregnancy. Folate also helps with the proper division of cells. Folic acid is a synthetic type of folate added to supplements. If your supplement states folate then it’s using the natural form of the nutrient.

A deficiency of folate can cause fatigue and lethargy as well as headaches and feel unwell. In some developed countries, this nutrient is often added to common foods such as rice and cereal. If you are consuming these commercial products you should not be deficient. However, women who are planning on getting pregnant should increase their intake of foods rich in folate or take a supplement.

Food sources of Folate

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Supplemental sources of Folate

Food sources of Folate