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Eating Organic: Why you should eat organic foods when possible

Organic eating holds a lot of benefits for your health and the environment in general as opposed to the conventional method of cultivation (inorganic foods), which may pose several risks to your health.

Demand for organic foods has increased dramatically because a lot of people want to enjoy the benefit it holds. Many grocery stores today are now filled with organic foods, they can, however, be a little pricey than inorganic foods. Fortunately, many stores are now having cheaper organic alternatives. It’s no longer a case for the haves and the have nots.

Your entire body and overall health will thank you for turning to organic foods. The following reasons are why you should choose organic foods now and forever; 

You get to enjoy Unadulterated Nutrients 

Organic foods are pure and unadulterated. The value and nutrients in the food are still remarkably intact and have not been altered because of additives like pesticide or synthetic fertilizer. The fertilizers and pesticides used for growing inorganic foods contain heavy metals that may increase the risk of health problems such as cancer in consumers.

With organic eating, you enjoy your vitamins straight from the source. Grains, fruits, and vegetables are free from inorganic elements that can detrimental to your health. Certified organic products are beneficial to your health as they keep your immune system active and healthy to fight against diseases.

If you have ever owned a garden or tree that bears fruit without any effort from you, then that’s likely organic.

It helps you save money in the long run

Organic foods are relatively more expensive than inorganic foods but eating organic will help you save the money you might need to spend on your health. When you eat organic, you are healthier and less likely to suffer from major health problems. Eating organic will prevent you from frequent visits to the Doctor who of course is not going to offer his services for free.

Instead of spending on your health, you get to channel your finances into other positive things. 

Another reason why organic food may be considered inexpensive is that you can grow your own garden where you cultivate your own organic vegetable. 

Increased Antioxidant level 

Fruits and vegetables naturally contain a high level of antioxidants. You need these antioxidants to fight diseases and illnesses. Organic foods contain a higher value or level of antioxidant which makes them beneficial and recommendable for healthy living. Inorganic produce can be cultivated in ways that prevent the food from maturing naturally to its peak.

A higher level of antioxidant is found in organic foods compared to foods grown with artificial fertilizers. The antioxidants gotten from organic foods are great for your heart, eyes, skin and the nervous system. 

Organic food tastes excellent

No fertilizer to enhance growth, no artificial additives, no chemical at all. Then you should expect an absolutely tasty food product. Food grown organically have been discovered to have better texture and taste. 

Adding chemicals to food strips away the natural taste. When vegetables and fruits are exposed to artificial fertilizers and chemicals, they tend to lose their natural taste and sometimes become coarse and non-delicious after cooking. 

The same goes for livestock. Meat from animals that are bred organically is much tastier than ones given hormones and other additives.

It is true that organic plants grow slower because they are only exposed to organic fertilizers which helps the plants to have better sugar and starches. Animals bred organically are usually given all-natural food as well as allowed to free-range. Which would you rather consume? Meat from an animal that was given zero quality of life or one that lived quite well and eating natural food sources?

Raising animals using organic methods causes their growth to be relatively slower than animals bred the other way. One would argue that the animals are not growing slowly, they are growing naturally.

You are free from Genetically Modified Organisms 

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and foods are plants that have a modified version of DNA. The DNA of these plants have been artificially modified so that they can be resistant to traditional cultivating techniques such as the use of herbicides. Think about this for a minute. It is quite obvious that this technique has one sole purpose, and its to maximize profits. There is nothing about GMO’s that stands to increase the nutrient content of our food.

GMO foods when tested on rats caused damage to the immune system. The rats were exposed to cancer, reproductive dysfunction, allergies, toxicity, and other destructive diseases. 

Lower risk of cancer

The reason why we eat is to stay healthy. A lot of people have forgotten this is the main purpose of eating. Our taste buds are now more accustomed to highly processed and artificial foods than real, pure unadulterated foods. Organic foods from commercial companies might not be perfect, but we can at least be confident that the companies have taken steps to reduce dangerous trace elements in the food.

Antibiotics and hormones used in the conventional cultivating system may open your body system and make you prone to developing cancer. Antibiotics that are fed to animals are then passed to us when we eat meat. Our bodies are now more prone to getting infections that have grown resistant to antibiotics.  

For a healthy heart

You should feed your heart with good food that will make it thank you. Natural plants contain conjugated linoleic acid, CLA. It is also found in large quantities in meat and milk of organically bred animals. CLA is great for the heart; it is a healthy fat that nurtures and protects the heart. 

Growing plants and breeding animals with artificial fertilizers or hormones can, however, destroy the CLA content of organic food. So if you want a healthy heart, it is best to choose organic foods now and always. 


With the above-listed benefits, you should get a better sense as to why many people are choosing to eat organic foods. Technically there should never be a need to label a food organic. All foods should be organic, the way nature intended it. However, our world is heavily commercialized. Many companies are choosing profits over health.

The major drawback of organic foods is that they tend to spoil more quickly because they do not contain artificial preservatives. So you have to plan to consume them as quickly as possible. 

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