Is your stove broken but you are hungry? Fear not - the no-cook chocolate oatmeal is here to your rescue. Jam packed with antioxidants and other goodies, this recipe will make your day.


1/2 Cup of Gluten Free Oatmeal

1 Cup of Almond Milk

1 Serving of Chocolate Protein Powder

1 Tbsp of Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp of Raw Cacao Powder

1 Tbsp of Maple Syrup

Pinch of salt

Optional: Raw Cacao Nibs or Berries


  1. Add all the ingredients into a mason jar or other sealed container
  2. Combine well and place in the fridge overnight
  3. Add raw cacao nibs for extra crunch
  4. Add optional fruit toppings. Enjoy cold or heated up.

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