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Maybe you have heard of the bad press around high fructose corn syrup. This substance, extracted from processed corn starch, is manufactured by breaking down the starch into glucose syrup. Some of the glucose is further converted to fructose after adding some enzymes.  Why do food manufacturing companies not just use regular sugar? High Fructose […]
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Sodium benzoate, the sodium salt of benzoic acid, is commonly used as a preservative and anti-corrosive agent in several factories and industries. Because of its antifungal and preservative nature, it is also used as a conventional cleaning tool in toilet bowls, upholstery, dishwashers, carpet cleaning and the like. Sodium benzoate is used as an antifreeze […]

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Discovered in 1879 by a John Hopkins University scientist, Saccharine is an artificial sweetener with no nutritional value whatsoever. Made in the laboratory in the form of crystalline, white powder, this substance is commonly used as a substitute for sugar as it doesn’t contain carbs or calories. It is around 200-700 times sweeter than the […]


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