organic-food-background-fruits-and-vegetables-in-PSVZM2P.jpg is owned and operated by Bykol Technologies LLC. is focused on discussing ingredients, products and practices that I believe enhances our life as human beings. It will discuss ingredients that I typically avoid as well as ones I look for in my products. The website has the following structure.

  • Blog : This will include any random thoughts or insights that I would like to share. It may include a reference to my own personal experience or that of someone else as it relates to health and fitness. My blog posts will be heavily biased by my point of view. In some cases I do make a point of including both sides of an argument.
  • Ingredients to avoid: These can be articles or blog posts that discuss controversial ingredients to avoid. I will provide alternative names to look for as well as discuss any potential side effects.
  • Better Ingredients: This can be articles or blog posts regarding ingredients I believe is a safe option. It is deliberately not called “best ingredients” because sometimes even the “best” ingredients have drawbacks.
  • Health and Fitness News: This includes any news item or government changes that are related to the health and wellness theme of the website
  • How to’s: I am an avid ‘do it yourself-er’. I sometimes make my own products, make food’s from scratch etc. This might include food or product recipes. 
  • Product Reviews: This will feature products I use for myself and family or ones that I would have no problem using. My review will always first focus on the ingredients that are used in the product but might include my personal experience with it if applicable.
While we believe that eating a wholesome, healthy diet is good for overall health and well being, we encourage others to seek medical advice when an illness does occur. Healthy habits are great at preventing illnesses, but modern medicine is very helpful when you have succumbed to a serious illness.